22 Septembrie 2014

Dear footballtennis friends,

Turkish Footballtennis Federation organizes two major FIFTA events in 2010:
- World Championship for Juniors & Women,
- World Championship for Men.

From the letters arrived to FIFTA's office I find that in few countries players are not satisfied with the decision of their leaders to withdraw from FIFTA and what is more important they are not informed correctly about such decision – forming of one new footballtennis association on the global level.

Because of these facts, as legitimate President of FIFTA, I forward to all countries the invitation of Turkish Footballtennis Association to participate on the upcoming World Championships: for Juniors & Women – (October 21 – October 24) and for Men (December 09 – December 12).

Players from all countries regardless decision of their leaders are welcome!

My guess is that players have more wisdom than their leaders who have sick ambitions to rule regardless consequences for footballtennis globally.

Looking forward to see all players again in Turkey with kind regards!

Dubravko A. Lipnjak, FIFTA President