22 Septembrie 2014



Open competition
Tournament Administrator
FTPT Supervisor
Approval of Officials
Tournament Doctor and physiotherapist
Official ball
Entry fee
Player Representative
Rules of Footballtennis
Match Format
Entries and Withdrawals
Point allocation
Prize money break down
Footballtennis and his international body Fédération Internationale de Footballtennis Associations are
internationally recognized from 1987 when IFTA (former International footballtennis association) was
founded in Switzerland. From the very beginning World and European Championships in football-tennis were organized and tournaments on the club level but never with the goal to establish the ranking list of the players and avoid quarrels about the seeds on the championships.
To establish rankings and to make footballtennis more popular around the globe FTPT is organized as a service to the tournaments and the players who will play such tournaments. The difference between the old tournaments and the new system is that the tournaments should offer the prize money for competing.
This system need to have one center from where and where information concerning the tournaments should be delivered.
Office of FTPT will be responsible to calculate and edit the ranking list, publish them over the official web site, coordinate the activities with the Officiating department of FIFTA and also coordinate the annual calendar with FIFTA concerning the FIFTA events (World championships).

     B.   GENERAL

     1.    Open Competition / No Discrimination
            All tournaments are open to all players based on their merit and without discrimination. Players
who didn’t reach their fourteens birthday before tournament starts can’t compete on this tour-nament.

     2.   Tournaments

Tournament organizers can be: national footballtennis associations, fotballtennis clubs who can send their applications in appropriate manner.
Other organizers: hotel corporations, promoting companies or individuals can apply for organization of an or more tournaments but they should, after FIFTA PRO TOUR COMMITTEE evaluation sign the contract with FIFTA which one will guarantee that the all conditions set for in this Rules will be respected and appropriate prize money will be given in the appropriate amount following this Rules.

Tournament organizers should sent their applications for insertion in FIFTA Calendars by mail to: or

Tournament application forms can be found on:
Tournament can be organized after positive opinion of FIFTA PRO TOUR COMMITTEE. FIFTA PRO TOUR COMMITTEE receives all requests evaluate them end form the Calendar informing in written the organizer(s) about the decision and approval of their request. Since FIFTA PRO TOUR COMMITTEE is department and President forms the committee and nominate the Chairman, President will have all power to receive, approve and insert tournaments in the Calendar.
The calendar is published on the official web site: Special archive will be organized for such purpose.
Each Tournament should pay the Sanction fee of eight (8) percent of the prize money. This money should be paid one week after the tournament is inserted in FTPT Calendar. Lack of payment will result
with removal from the FTPT Calendar.

The lowest prize money for the tournament regardless number of disciplines is 3.000 Euros.
    3.     Tournament Administrator
The organizers (National footballtennis Association or Club) should designate Tournament Admini-strator to administer the tournament.

    4.     FTPT Supervisor
Each FTPT tournament must provide on his sole expense an official with the International certificate of FIFTA and FTPT. Such official should be familiar with the Rules of Footballtennis but his duty is also making the draws, submit the results to FTPT, control that the money is paid to the players as it was mentioned in the fact sheet of the tournament. His role is very important because upon his report the points will be given to the players. Tournaments with the bigger prize money will result with the more points to the players.

    5.     Referees
These officiating requirements are the minimum requirements for the tournaments.
One (1) International Referee and three (3) National Referees Organizers who wish to supply higher category of Referees or greater number of Referees are encouraged  to do so.

   6.      Approval of Officials
Each tournament should thirty days before the tournament submit the list of the officials to the FTPT office for the approval. FTPT Office will review with the Referees Department the list and approve it or send back with the suggested changes. Only approved referees can work on the FTPT tournaments.

   7.      Tournament Doctor and Physiotherapist
The organizers for each tournament should appoint and pay an English speaking doctor who will be available on call and one physiotherapist who will be on site during the playing hours. Treatments, out of the on-court treatments, are on the players cost.

   8.      Official ball
The ball to be used at tournament should be Official FIFTA Ball. For time been this is ball from the      FIFTA sponsor - partner “GALA” from Czech Republic.
“GALA” is only one approved ball for footballtennis. If once upon the time there will be more approved balls, the tournaments will have the choice but only between approved balls.

9.         Entry fee
Entry fee on all tournaments should be 30 Euros / discipline.
Player who competes in single and double will pay - 45 Euros and finally, player competing in single, double and triple will pay – 55 Euros.

  10.     Player Representatives
The supervisor shall appoint one or more players to witness the draw and represent the players during
the tournament.

  11.     Rules of Footballtennis
FIFTA Rules of footballtennis shall apply for all matches.

  12.     Match Format
All matches shall be the best of three sets ( 2:0 ; 2:1; 1:2 ; 0:2 ). The set is over when one player or team reaches 11 points with the margin of 2 points. At the result “12 all” one decisive point shall be played to determine the winner of this set.

   13.     Entries and Withdrawals
Entries should be sent to the address: orfifta, four (4) weeks before tournament starts.

Entry form is available on the address: Application_form

Entry fee/discipline - 30€  (entry fee should be paid two weeks before tournament starts according to the invoice sent to all entered players.

The invoices will provide PRO TOUR office. Separate account position will be used for professional purposes.

The player can participate in all three disciplines.

In the case of too many entered players – Qualifying competition will be played one day before tournament starts. 

Information regarding possible qualifying competition will be sent to all entered players two weeks (14days) before tournament starts.

Player may withdraw without penalty three weeks (21 days) before scheduled tournament start. Player who didn't withdraw on time will be subject of fine – 50 (fifty) Euros. This money will be deducted from his first prize money. In case that player reach 100 Euros fine before he receives any money, he can participate only if he pays before tournament's start the whole amount of fine.
No-shows – players who didn't withdraw but who also failed to show up for the tournament, are also subject of fine, but such misconduct will be penalized with 75 Euros.

   14.    Draws
32, 24, 16 draws can be used according to the number of entered players.
All draws are seeded. For seeding will be used only the FIFTA PRO TOUR ranking list.

15.     Seeds
Number of players (teams) 21 – 32   ; 8 seeds
Number of players (teams) 11 – 20   ; 4 seeds
Number of players (teams) up to 10  ; 2 seeds

  16.     Making the draw
Draw 32                     Draw 16
Seed #1                                              Line 1                         Line 1
Seed #2                                              Line 32                       Line 16
Seed #3, #4                                        Lines 9/24                   Lines 5/12
Seed #5, #6, #7, #8                            Lines 8/15/16/25        

   17.    Point allocation
a.  The participant on FIFTA PRO TOUR receives FIFTA points. The FIFTA ranking is list is done by the points which players gain for their achievements on particular tournaments.
Players receive points for the matches they won and for the money they receive.
Note: In double – only two players will get points (substitute, if any will have no points),
before tournament’s start the team should nominate such substitute.
Same procedure is valid for triple.

For each match won by 2:0 the winner receives 3 FIFTA points.
For each match won by 2:1 the winner receives 2 FIFTA points and the loser 1 FIFTA point.
Players entered in the main draw receive 1 FIFTA point.
For every received 50 Euros the player receives 1 FIFTA point.
b.         The points are valid one calendar year from the particular tournament.

c.         There will be the ranking list which considers all three disciplines where the points of all disciplines are taken in consideration.
There will be also the ranking lists for each discipline.

The tournaments will be organized specially for men and women.
According to above there will be ranking lists for men and for women.
Since there will be no tournaments for women, interested women players can compete with the men together.

19.       Prize money
The organizer must ensure 3.000 € prize money. The organizer has choice to choose the disciplines (single,  double,  triple or only one discipline,  two disciplines) but regardless of number of disciplines the prize money cannot be less than – 3.000 €.
At the beginning of the PRO TOUR competitions, the response of the players may be less than 32. The organizers, in such case, are encouraged to organize the tournament even if the number of the participants is among 10 – 20. The prize money in such case is 600 € per discipline if the size of the draw is 16 

 Fact sheet
The organizer must publish in the fact sheet the minimum number of entries to organize the event. The organizer can cancel the tournament till 20 days before tournament date in FIFTA Calendar without consequences if the number of entries is bellow the published minimum or if the entered players didn't pay their entry fees on time. In such case the players who paid their entry fees will be reimbursed by the organizers, and the players who didn't pay their entry fee will be fined with 30 € which money will be deducted from their first prize money received in the future. Since the FIFTA PRO TOUR COMMITTEE is not formed such players will be posted on the „black list“.

The organizer should propose the logging and meals in the tournament's vicinity with the list of the prices. The players are not obliged to use proposed accommodation. In the Entry form the players should declare do they will use proposed accommodation or not.

Tournament draw will have 32 players or teams. In the case that there will be 24 players/teams or less the 24 draw will be used, respectfully if there will be 16 players/teams the 16 draw will be used.

The draws will be seeded after the first ranking list will be issued.


21.    Prize money break down

To be eligible for the prize money player (team) should pass two rounds.

Example I (draw 32 ):
Winner                                    -           400 €
Finalist                                   -           200 €
Semifinalist (loser)                 -           100 €
Quarterfinalist (loser) -             50 €
Total per discipline                 -       1.000 €

Example II ( draw 16 ):
Winner                                    -           350 €
Finalist                                   -           150 €
Semifinalist (loser)                  -             50 €
Total per discipline                 -           600 €      

In the first period and also considering the recession in economy, there will be tournaments with less players (not 32 or 16 in the draw). In such cases to prevent system of competition the prize money for the discipline will be reduced for each “Bye” in the draw for amount of 30 € per each “Bye”. Reduced prize money will be distributed equally! 


This interpretation is valid since the system will not find better conditions for organizers.

 22.  Disciplinary measures

Disciplinary measures will apply for on court and in the player area (courts, hall, locker rooms, official hotel, rest rooms etc.) misconducts according to valid FIFTA Disciplinary Rules.

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